Welcome Families! 

Being located inside Casa Azafrán's Community Center makes ours a unique school site that offers many benefits to families.

Family resources are readily available—from English classes to parent workshops. The Center is also home to many nonprofits offering legal services, plus services in education, healthcare and the arts, to immigrants, refugees and the community as a whole. We also offer affordable before- and after-care services from 6:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day. The Center and our school reflect Nashville’s true cultural essence—right down to our name. “Azafrán” (pronounced “ah-zah-frahn”) is saffron in Spanish, a golden yellow-orange spice indigenous to Asia. The cultivation and use of saffron span many cultures, continents and civilizations. The Spanish word “azafrán,” for example, is derived from Arabic.

The Community Center chose the name to pay homage to our multi-ethnic heritage and to reflect the organization’s intention to be an inclusive, welcoming place for all immigrants in Nashville. We’re beyond grateful to be a part of this organization and to open our doors to young minds from all cultures.

School Highlights

  • Teacher and assistant ratio is 1:10. We look at our assistants as co-teachers because they assist the teachers with small groups, assessments and one to one lessons.
  • MNPS’ pre-K program is based on the constructivist approach, which provides diverse learning environments where activities are driven by the students, and teachers encourage and support children to play and explore as a path to learning.
  • Each classroom features natural wood furniture to create a peaceful and calm environment.
  • Neutral colors are used in the classroom, so that emphasis is placed on students’ work which will/is highlighted throughout the classroom.
  • Each room has a classroom study, which is a 6 week study that focuses on a common theme, such as clothing or building study.